For over 10 years, we have distinguished ourselves by providing mechanically polished concrete. We believe there are significant advantages to our unique process.


A properly prepared polished concrete surface is any concrete (whether new or old) repeatedly buffed by increasingly finer diamond grits through a mechanical process until the natural concrete develops a high-gloss shine, which reflects light and grows clearer over time.

No wax or sealer is used. No volatile chemicals are used. Minimal waste is produced. Floors require minimal maintenance and last a lifetime, even in industrial applications.


Concrete Polishing, Inc. (CPI) uses no wax, no acrylic, no epoxy, no floor polish. Our shine is naturally produced with diamond buffing only. Nothing to chip, fade or peel.

Because this is a fairly new industry (late 1990’s) there is little regulation and no enforceable industry specifications. However, CPI adheres to best-practice standards and uses some of the industry’s most powerful equipment for consistent, superior results.

CPI uses large, powerful, electric grinding machines equipped with diamond grinding discs.  We start with coarse grit diamonds to remove the “dead skin” and defects.

Next we buff the concrete with progressively finer and finer diamond grits until a beautiful shine develops. Usually, this is a 6 to 8 step process – very different from some so-called “polished” floors that use shortcut waxing/burnishing steps.  Additionally, we generously apply a hardening solution known as densifier (sodium silicate) after the coarsest grits. This is a crystalline solution that continually “heals” the concrete over time with each damp mop you apply.

We used to need additional lights – even flashlights – to read our blueprints, but now our areas are brightly lit and easier to clean. — Erik Coker, Night Supervisor I.T.T.


The industrial application of polished concrete has resulted in:
•    significantly decreased repair costs for forklifts,
•    less overall wear and tear (such as tires),
•    increased light reflection in work stations,
•    line staff reports of pride in their personal workplace,
•    dramatically easier routine surface cleaning (sweeping/mopping),
•    attractive flooring aesthetic – the WOW factor!



Green concrete floors are a fantastic way to add simple, sustainable surfaces to your business. Our stunning polished concrete is an exceptional solution if you have been thinking about a LEED/green floor. We use no volatile chemicals, save you money on replacement and energy costs, and use a natural, recyclable material.

Polished concrete floors for commercial and industrial spaces have many long-lasting benefits.  A correctly polished concrete floor is a totally natural product that is:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Durable and low-maintenance
  • Economical compared to other flooring choices
  • Quick-drying with just a damp mop needed
  • Shiny and reflective, adding light to the room
  • Resists allergens like carpet or tile seams
  • Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) compliant