Polished Concrete Advantages

Polished concrete advantages are numerous. Mechanically polished concrete floors for commercial and industrial spaces are a long-lasting and totally natural product that are:

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Durable and low-maintenance
  • Economical compared to other flooring choices
  • Quick-drying with just a damp mop needed
  • Shiny and reflective, adding light to the room
  • Resists allergens like carpet or tile seams
  • Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design(LEED) compliant
  • “WOW factor” attractive aesthetic.


CPI is unique in the concrete polishing industry for two reasons:

  1. Our polish is mechanically produced. No wax, epoxy, or sealer is used. Maintenance is only water.
  2. Our process flattens floors. We use one of the largest polishers in the industry with rigid heads to ensure flat floors.


On average, companies are spending over $1 per square foot a year to have VCT or epoxy floors. Polished concrete lowers yearly maintenance costs because there is no floor coating or any substance to chip, fade, or peel. Polished concrete costs on average $0.25 per square foot to maintain, which is significantly less expensive than most other flooring solutions and provides a longer lasting floor.

Not only is it economically smart, mechanically polished concrete is considered a high traction floor with an SCOF of 0.60. We are able to demonstrate this by throwing water on sample slabs and letting customers feel for themselves that it is not slippery.

CPI buffs the concrete with progressively finer and finer diamond grits until a beautiful, natural, mechanically-produced shine develops. Usually, this is a 6 to 8 step process – very different from some so-called “polished” floors that use shortcut waxing/burnishing steps.


Flattening the floor increases facility productivity – forklifts operate with decreased maintenance costs, air pallet movers glide across the smooth surface with ease, and visibility improves due to the reflective nature of polished concrete.

terrco-6200-polished-concrete-advantagesOur Terrco 6200 polishing machine creates a better product than any other machine on the market because of its size, weight, and rigid heads. Rigid heads are not favored in the industry because it makes for a more difficult job. However, CPI uses rigid heads to force the floor to flatten. The floating heads used by most contractors move with the uneven surface of the concrete, resulting in a less even floor.

Rigid heads also increase the consumption of costly diamond grinding pads, which is why most companies avoid flattening the floors with rigid heads. CPI offsets this increased cost by using the largest machine in the industry. Our ultimate goal is for the client to receive the best product available in order to see a significant and long-term benefit from their CPI polished concrete.