Mechanically Polished Concrete

Mechanically polished concrete by Concrete Polishing, Inc. is the premier flooring solution for manufacturing, industrial facilities, and commercial spaces.

What does this mean for your Company? Increased productivity and decreased costs.

Concrete Polishing, Inc. (CPI) uses no wax, no acrylic, no epoxy, no floor polish. Our shine is naturally produced with diamond buffing only. Nothing to chip, fade or peel.

CPI uses large, powerful, electric grinding machines equipped with diamond grinding discs to make a nearly flat floor. Our process separates us from the competition, and our client list proves it.

CPI Mechanically Polished Concrete at I.T.T. Factory in Amory, Mississippi


A National Client List

We have over a decade of experience meeting the exceptional demands of national and international companies.


Dozens of companies just like yours have decided on mechanically polished concrete by CPI for their factory, warehouse, or facility. We have helped find safe, affordable, long-lasting flooring solutions for industrial spaces all over the country – from New York to California. 

Companies have different challenges causing them to seek a flooring solution. JBT AeroTech in Orlando, Florida needed a perfectly flat floor on selected production lines to facilitate air pallets. I.T.T. Industries in Amory, Mississippi needed a complete restoration of their entire factory floor. Carnival Cruise Lines in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida had a new pour of concrete in their terminal that they wanted mechanically polished to ease their maintenance routines and costs. Whatever your particular challenge let CPI discuss the benefits and any caveats about mechanically polished concrete with you.

CPI travels all over the country, especially the Southeastern United States.

Port Canaveral Florida Carnival Cruise TerminalCarnival Cruise Lines Terminal in Port Canaveral, Florida

alabama-polished-concreteHyster-Yale NACCO Materials Factory in Sulligent, Alabama

Air Pallets JBT Aerotech Orlando FloridaJBT Aerotech Manufacturing Facility in Orlando, Florida


Find out about our organization, mission, our methods, and the results of a decade of experience with improving factory production.

We realize that answering your questions about mechanically polished concrete by CPI is one of the most beneficial services we can offer. As such, we are committed to provide knowledge articles in our blog and transparency about our process in order for you to make educated decisions. Email or call us today!