Budgeting for Flooring in the New Year

Budgeting for Flooring in the New Year

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Happy New Year, from Concrete Polishing, Inc.!

The New Year means new opportunities. If your business is looking at flooring solutions then you need to consider either 1) what is already in your budget for 2016, or 2) what you need to request for the next budget cycle.

The benefits and advantages of mechanically polished concrete are significant. The costs are low, particularly the long-term costs, and CPI even has some option recommendations to keep costs down to a minimum. But every business, even those in our national client list, have their own budget processes to work through in order to make the investment in their facility improvements.

As a good rule of thumb, mechanically polished concrete costs on average $0.25 per square foot to maintain, which is significantly less expensive than most other flooring solutions and provides a longer lasting floor. As a comparison, companies typically spend over $1 per square foot a year to have VCT or epoxy floors. Some modern concrete polishing technologies even allow CPI to provide a $0.10 per square foot annual maintenance cost – forever.

As you work out budgets in 2016, keep the short-term and long-term costs in mind. For more specific information about your particular situation please email or call (888-610-6656Concrete Polishing, Inc. for more information about making the right decision for your factory or industrial space.