Pre-Game: Concrete Floor Repair

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Sometimes you have bad concrete to start. Really bad concrete. So bad that the slab either won't polish or would give more than the desired "industrial patina" for which you were hoping. 

Concrete Polishing, Inc. has seen some really bad slabs, including a factory in Mississippi that was so eroded the owners wanted to cut out the slab and then bring CPI in to polish the new concrete. That would have been costly – and unnecessary! Most slabs (including that example) can be salvaged through polishing, though some do require floor repair. 

If the floor is really too damaged to polish mechanically there are pre-steps that can be taken to make the slab whole. 

In the pictures above you see a floor that was so damaged a repair was the only option. The space was cleaned, leveled, and prepped. Then a special topping was added with super-hard mix that is specially formulated to polish. The final picture on the right shows the polished concrete (prior to cleaning!) and it really shines.

The benefits and advantages of mechanically polished concrete are significant, whether commercial office spaces, warehouses, factories, or industrial spaces. The costs are low, particularly the long-term costs, and CPI even has some option recommendations to keep costs down to a minimum. But every business, even those in our national client list, has their own best use for polished concrete.

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