Concrete Polishing Video

What is concrete polishing? What does the process look like?

A properly prepared polished concrete surface is any concrete (whether new or old) buffed repeatedly by increasingly finer diamond grits through a mechanical process until the natural concrete develops a high-gloss shine, which reflects light and grows clearer over time.

There are several advantages to mechanically polished concrete by Concrete Polishing, Inc.

No wax or sealer is used. No volatile chemicals are used. Minimal waste is produced. The shine is naturally produced with diamond buffing only. Nothing to chip, fade or peel. Floors require minimal maintenance and last a lifetime, even in industrial applications.

The following videos show several steps in the mechanical polishing process. The liquid being applied during the third video is sodium silicate, a concrete hardener that strengthens and preserves the polishing process.



reflective-polished-concreteThis is a picture of the industrial space shown in the videos after polishing to 1500 grit. Click on the picture for a larger image.

Mechanically polished concrete is right for dozens of our clients, and is well accepted in manufacturing, industrial, and commercial applications all over the world.

The benefits are well documented. If we can start a conversation to help you identify the problems your company is experiencing and offer suggestions please email or call. We are here to help!