Better Than New – 3 year old mechanically polished concrete shines!

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The maintenance on this floor was only water!

That's right – only water for three years. No re-polishing. No touch-ups. No wax, sealer, or anything from a bucket.

Amazingly, the maintenance of a mechanically polished concrete floor relies on the 8 or so steps of the mechanical process completed at the time of installation. The maintenance of other so-called concrete polishing relies on some chemical or other that almost always has a wax base. Therefore, those systems require re-application of the chemical every 6 months to a year. That gets expensive!

The benefits and advantages of mechanically polished concrete are significant, whether commercial office spaces, warehouses, factories, or industrial spaces. The costs are low, particularly the long-term costs, and CPI even has some option recommendations to keep costs down to a minimum. But every business, even those in our national client list, has their own best use for polished concrete.

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