Mechanically Polished Concrete Handles Industrial Forklifts

Mechanically Polished Concrete Handles Industrial Forklifts

Mechanically polished concrete by Concrete Polishing, Inc. is tough stuff, even against industrial forklifts.

It’s bare concrete, after all. No topcoats. No paint or epoxy. Not even a hint of wax or sealer. It’s naked concrete that can stand up to massive forklifts, trucks, and heavy equipment with little wear. And maintenance is easy. Cost-effective too.

That’s why I.T.T. Technologies in Amory, Mississippi chose to restore nearly the entire factory floors – including aisle ways and storage areas – with mechanically polished concrete by CPI. After three years of heavy abuse (like the mega-ton industrial forklifts you see in the picture!) and normally factory wear the factory floors continue to hold up well.

There are more advantages to mechanically polished concrete that just standing up to the wear and tear of huge industrial forklifts or even everyday factory forklifts. From LEED compliance, to reduced maintenance costs, to improved employee satisfaction with their work spaces, mechanically polished concrete has much to offer your facility.

Other companies have found mechanically polished concrete by CPI to be advantageous too – whether they use industrial forklifts or not. Some companies recognize the ease and low cost of maintenance for storage or warehouse spaces. Prices can be as low as $0.10 per square foot per year to keep the shine and functionality as good or better than the day CPI left the factory.

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Mechanically polished concrete is different from some so-called polished concrete, and there are many advantages to mechanically polished concrete to which our national client list will attest, so email or call (888-610-6656Concrete Polishing, Inc. for more information about making the right decision for your factory or industrial space.