Pre-Game: Concrete Floor Repair

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Sometimes you have bad concrete to start. Really bad concrete. So bad that the slab either won’t polish or would give more than the desired “industrial patina” for which you were hoping.  Concrete Polishing, Inc. has seen some really bad slabs, … Read More

Factory Polished Concrete Floors

Factory Polished Concrete Floors Is polished concrete right for your factory floors? Factory polished concrete floors makes sense, both when reviewing productivity and economic impact. Productivity There are numerous advantages of mechanically polished concrete over other flooring choices in manufacturing, industrial, and … Read More

What is Polished Concrete?

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So what is polished concrete? And is it right for me? Properly polished concrete is naked concrete. A properly prepared polished concrete surface is any concrete (whether new or old) repeatedly buffed by increasingly finer diamond grits through a mechanical … Read More