Air Pallets Manufacturers Use Polished Concrete Factory Floors

Air Pallets Manufacturers Use Polished Concrete Factory Floors

Air Pallets and Polished Concrete Floors

Air powered moving systems have demanding specs that make the most of super flat, mechanically polished concrete floors.

Whether you call them generic air pallets, air casters, or by their trade names – AeroGo, HovAir, AirCaster, etc. – moving systems based on air pressure are engineering marvels. Air pallets can move weights that seem impossible – up to 5,000 tons! Mechanically polished concrete by CPI provides an ideal solution that meets the specifications of air powered moving systems.

Air Pallets JBT AeroTech CPI Orlando Florida

JBT Aerotech using air pallet movers on CPI floors in Orlando, Florida

Terrco 6200 Flat Floor TechnologyFlat Floor Technology: Terrco 6200

Concrete Polishing, Inc. has significant experience with factories and manufacturing facilities that require super flat floors. Super flat floors are not the norm in the concrete polishing industry. Most contractors do not have the equipment to produce flat floors. Our Terrco 6200 polishing machine creates a better product than any other machine on the market because of its size, weight, and rigid heads.

Rigid heads are not favored in the industry because it makes for a more difficult job. However, CPI uses rigid heads to force the floor to flatten. The floating heads used by most contractors move with the uneven surface of the concrete, resulting in a less even floor. It’s one of the advantages of CPI mechanically polished concrete.

The specifications for air pallet movers have exacting tolerances, though they are an excellent solution to production line and assembly line issues. We can help you with those specs.

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Mechanically polished concrete is different from some so-called polished concrete, and there are many advantages to mechanically polished concrete to which our national client list will attest, so email or call (888-610-6656Concrete Polishing, Inc. for more information about making the right decision for your factory or industrial space.